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Jump to the future, August 22, 2011.  A dream come true.  A clown on a plane headed for Central America.  A week long educational clown tour of Costa Rica with the famed Patch Adams MD.  Daily workshops aimed at developing clowning techniques and love strategy.  Inquiry and reflection on the beautiful country and people of Costa Rica.  Heart-warming humanitarian work.  Daily clowning in hospitals and clinics.  Laughter, love and lots of red noses!  Exploring one’s soul by giving from one’s heart. 

Flashback to 3 months earlier. As some of you may or may not know, this year, as far as birthdays go, is one of those milestone birthday years for me.  You know, one of those, "OMG, Really?" birthdays that make you take a step back and reflect on where you are in your life. This year I turn 50! Yes, you read that correctly and yes, I’m announcing it to the world. A terrifying, yet liberating admission for sure!

Well, I entered this year hoping to make it a very special and significant one.  Sadly though, I awoke one day to the brutal realization that mid-year had arrived and I had yet to move forward on changes I had promised myself. But, before I could berate myself for not daring to step off old paths leading nowhere, there it was in my inbox, a simple email about clowns and Costa Rica.  Immediately I knew from the depths of my soul that this was the path I needed to step onto without self-sabotaging and self-doubting as has always been my nature.  A path that I believed, and still believe, was put in my way not by chance, but by purpose.  It rang such a chord with me that I’ve committed to making it happen and I’m putting all my faith in just knowing that it WILL happen without holding myself back by worrying about the HOW.

So back to today.  This is where you come in.  I’m reaching out a humble hand to all of you in hopes that you may be able to help me walk this path.  A journey of not only awareness and discovery, but of loving compassion and joyful caring as well. 
A path that feels so very right at this moment. A path that is
me.  And a path I want to share with you.

So I humbly ask, should you find it in your heart to do so, please help me to help others. You can rest assured in knowing that all donated funds will go towards paying for this humanitarian journey of clowning and caring, towards airfare and towards other expenses incurred in preparation, nothing more. 

And most importantly, please know that all gifts, monetary and otherwise, will be humbly accepted with the utmost gratitude and sincere appreciation.

Now please, stay a while, take a look around and welcome to my “perfect circus”,

adventures of my life, my travels, my blog and my photos!

“Bump A Nose”

- Aracelis aka Shimmy the Clown


Note: The amount raised listed above includes both PayPal and non-PayPal donations, and does not take into account any PayPal fees incurred.

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Email: shimmy@shimmytheclown.com